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Dark Matter Duffel Bags

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A Dark Matter Duffel Bag is a great way to support J&H and also keep your gear dry while on the water. This duffel is constructed of durable tarpaulin that is waterproof. All of the hardware on the bag is constructed of plastic so there is nothing that can rust. This bag features a large opening at the top that acts like a storm flap to keep water away from the zipper. It has a comfortable handle as well as a padded shoulder-strap that is removable. There is a small zippered pocket on the front of the bag that is perfect for holding money, or anything small. Unzip the flap and you'll find a zippered mesh pocket as well as a second poly pocket for more small items. The Dark Matter Duffel Bag is big inside with enough room to carry a few outfits, a jacket, a towel and anything else you'd bring on the water for a day trip. It is super durable so it can handle the rigors of being on a boat while keeping your stuff dry from the elements. Buy a Dark Matter Duffel Bag!

Dark Matter Duffel Bags are available in medium, which is 19" x 12" x 12" and about the size of a gym bag, or a bag that you would carry on an airplane. The Dark Matter logo is on the top while the J&H Tackle wave logo is emblazoned on the size. 

Models: DMDB-M


Type - 50L Duffel

Size - 23.5 x 12 x 12

Color - Black