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Fishing The Edge by John Skinner

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John Skinner is back with Fishing The Edge: Techniques and Tales from Surf, Boat and Kayak! If you love John's YouTube videos or his previous books, add this one to your collection. In Fishing The Edge John chronicles his pursuit of a wide variety of fish from the beach, boat and kayak. Striped bass, fluke, blackfish, redfish and others are covered. John is an amazing angler and an even better communicator. He takes you through all the different fish he targets and how he catches them. You will learn a lot from this book. John is one of those anglers who takes a very scientific approach to fishing and the results are amazing. If you love fishing this is a must read! If you want to catch more fish or if you are just a Skinner fan, buy a copy of Fishing The Edge!

Fishing The Edge by John Skinner is available in paperback. It makes the perfect gift!

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Author - John Skinner