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Grillox Fighting Belt and Harness

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To be completely honest, the Grillox Fighting Belt and Harness was a product we stumbled upon while surfing the web. It's unique design caught our eyes and we decided to reach out to the company for more info. What we learned was the Grillox might just be the best fighting belt/harness combination on the market. It's constructed of a technopolymer material that is extremely durable yet lightweight. Looks like something playgrounds are made of. It features three stainless steel pins so it can accommodate straight butt and bent butt rods. The stainless steel carabiners are easy to open and lock into place on your lugs. With its unique design, the Grillox has neoprene padding on the lower third of the belt which sits on your thighs and gives you the perfect leverage when fighting a big fish. On the back is a padded kidney harness and there is even a handle so a friend can hold onto you in case you hook into a monster! The Grillox Fighting Belt and Harness comes with a backpack for easy storage and transport. If you love offshore fishing, you owe it to yourself the check out the Grillox Fighting Belt and Harness. It might looks different than what you are used to but it will deliver the results you are looking for.

Grillox Fighting Belt and Harness are available in black and blue. You're going to love it!

Models: GFB


Color - Black

Size - 50-130 lb