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Grundens Deck Boss Boots

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Grundens Deck Boss Boots are built to last! From the company that makes all of the gear for commercial fishing boats, these 15" boots are tough! They are 100% waterproof and will not only keep your feet dry, but protected on the water. Grundens Deck Boss Boots feature a rigid toe and synthetic rubber Herkules Grip soles that will keep you from slipping. The flexible uppers can be folded down. Your feet will be very happy inside these boots because of the comfortable two-piece insole that wicks moisture away and keeps your feet dry. Grundens Deck Boss Boots are perfect for wearing on your own boat or a party boat. 

Grundens Deck Boss Boots are available in Men's sizes 7-14. They are steel grey with orange accents.

Models: 15DB


Color - Steel Grey/Orange

Size - 8

Gender - Male