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Grundens Dog Collar

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The Grundens Dog Collar is perfect for your best friend! We're not talking about your fishing buddy but your furry friend. Anglers love their dogs and Grundens smartly recognized this and built a dog collar so that your furry friend can represent one of your favorite fishing brands. The Grundens Dog Collar is well built and durable. It features a metal d-ring, a plastic buckle and adjuster. They are easy to adjust and will last a long time. If you have a dog or dogs and need new collars, buy a Grundens Dog Collar. You get a lot for your money.

Grundens Dog Collars are available in three sizes.

  • Small: 10-16 in
  • Medium: 14-20 in
  • Large: 18-26 in

Choose the size that's right for your dog. Also makes an excellent gift for anyone who has a dog! 

Models: Grundens Dog Collar


Color - Black/Orange

Size - Small