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Grundens Eat Tuna Trucker Hat Dark Slate

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The Grundens Eat Tuna Trucker Hat in the Dark Slate colorway looks as good as it performs! Do you love fishing for tuna? Or maybe you just enjoy eating tuna. Either way, this is a great hat to wear on the water or at your favorite sushi joint. The Grundens Eat Tuna Trucker Hat is constructed of a cotton/polyester blend that is very comfortable. It could quickly become your favorite hat. The dark slate front is a really nice shade of blue and the white mesh back will keep you cool by dissipating heat. The stonapback closure is also white and is easy to adjust to fit most head sizes. The eat fish patch on the front is killer! It's what makes the hat. It has a clean, classic look that is as relevant now as it will be in twenty years. If you are looking for a new fishing hat, pickup a Grundens Eat Tuna Trucker Hat in Dark Slate. You will love it!

Grundens Eat Tuna Trucker Hats in Dark Slate are one size fits most.

Models: HETTDS