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J&H Tackle Circle Logo T-Shirt

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The J&H Tackle Circle Logo T-Shirt is one of our nicest shirts yet! Customers have been asking us for a shirt with a logo on the front left chest and a bigger version on the back and we have delivered. Built on an ultra-soft 100% cotton tee, the J&H Tackle Circle Logo is screened on the front and back. It features a shark, the J&H Hooks logo and a shoutout to our home base, Long Island, USA. If you like our shop or enjoy watching our videos, a great way to support us is to buy and proudly wear this shirt on your next fishing adventure, or around town. The J&H Tackle Circle Logo T-Shirt is available in sizes M-2XL in light blue and navy.

We recommend that you wash your J&H Tackle Circle Logo T-Shirt in cold water and dry it on a low setting. Get yours today!



Color - Light Blue

Size - L

Gender - Male