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J&H Tackle Neoprene Conventional Reel Covers

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J&H Tackle Neoprene Conventional Reel Covers offer protection for all your conventional fishing reels! Constructed of 5mm neoprene, these covers provide your fishing reels with a cushion so that if they get bumped, they will not get damaged. We've added an extra-long velcro closure so that the reel cover will fit, even if your reel has a large gear box.

J&H Tackle Neoprene Conventional Reel Covers are available in four sizes. The XL will fit most 30w and 50w reels. They are black and feature the J&H Tackle logo.



Abu: 4600, Low Profile, Morrum

Avet: SXJ, SX

Accurate: 400

Daiwa: Lexa 100, Lexa 300, Tatula, Luna 253, Saltist 20, Seagate 20, Sealine 27SH

Penn: 12-15 size reels

Shimano: Low Profile, 100-300 size reels, Tekota 300, Trinidad 10-12


Abu: 5500, 5600

Avet: MXJ, MXL

Accurate: 500

Daiwa: Saltiga 20-30, Saltist 30, Seagate 30, Sealine 47SH

Penn: 20-25 size reels, 965, 975

Release: SG

Shimano: 400 size reels, Charter Special, Talica 8-12, Tekota 500-600, Torium 14, TR, Trinidad 14


Abu: 7000, 9000, 10000

Avet: JX, LX

Accurate: 600

Daiwa: Saltiga 35-50, Saltist 35-50, Seagate 35-50

Penn: Jigmaster, Baja Special, 30-40 size reels, 113, 114

Release: LG

Shimano: Tranx, SpeedMaster, Talica 16-20, Torium 16-20, Trinidad 16-30



30W, 50W


Material - 5mm Neoprene

Use while on rod - Yes

Size - Medium

Style - Conventional