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J&H Tackle Bunker Chunk Air Freshener

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So you probably never thought you would want an air freshener shaped like a bunker chunk. Turns out you really do! This is an homage to the greatest surf angler of all time, Debbie The Dirtbag's ex, Bob The Garbage Man. If you're a fan of Bob, you're going to want to hang one of these air fresheners from the rearview mirror in your truck, on your boat and definitely from the doorknob in your bathroom! For every air freshener we sell, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Bob to pay for pyramid sinkers, to replace the bearing in his 704z and of course to buy some chunks from his local tackle shop. There's also a good chance he'll blow the money on cigarettes and coffee.

J&H Tackle Bunker Chunk Air Fresheners are the greatest air fresheners ever made. They smell like the ocean and come one to a pack.

Models: BCAF-O


Color - White