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J&H Tackle Striped Bass Flower T-Shirt

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We like to do things a bit differently at J&H. You've probably noticed that the clothing coming from many fishing brands is either outdated, a copy of another brand or just completely ridiculous looking. Jose was browsing DeviantArt one day and found this wonderful artist who does amazing fish art so we asked her to make us a design with a striped bass and a flower. This was the result and we think it came out great! Like a highly detailed tattoo the artwork on the J&H Tackle Striped Bass Flower T-Shirt is super detailed. The art is screened on a super comfortable tri-blend t-shirt that fits true to size. If you love fishing for striped bass and want a great lifestyle shirt, this is it. The striped bass is big on the back and there is a J&H Timeless logo on the front left chest. To be completely honest, it means so much to us when someone buys one of our shirts. It's a great way to support us whether you are a regular customer in the shop, follow us on social media or just enjoy our review videos on YouTube. 

J&H Tackle Striped Bass Flower T-Shirts are available for sale in M-3XL in black. We recommend that you wash them in cold water and dry it on a low setting. Makes a great gift for any angler!

Models: JHSBFT


Color - Black

Size - 2XL

Gender - Male