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J&H Tackle Leviathan Long Sleeve Performance Shirt

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We don't want to overstate it but the J&H Tackle Leviathan Long Sleeve Performance Shirt is the most badass fishing shirt ever created! Let me set the scene: In the year 814, somewhere cold and windy, an angry Viking is on the hunt for food for his family. Armed with a fishing rod he constructed from animal parts and a reel he carved from the skull of an enemy he defeated on the battlefield, he cast out a chunk of whale blubber. He fished that rocky shore for eighteen hours straight and had nothing to show for it. The wind suddenly changed direction and his eyes widened as the spiked back of a pre-historic beast emerged from the water. It was the Leviathan! The Viking tightened his grip on his rod and heaved his bait as far as he could. Two breaths later and the beast was hooked! He leaned back and the Leviathan showed its full height. An enormous head hovered more than two hundred feet above the water and gnashed from side to side, throwing water, spit and blood. The Viking fought the beast for three days straight without food, water or rest. In the end he broke the Leviathan's will with his strength, fortitude and never say die attitude. He returned to his village and was celebrated as a hero! The meat kept everyone alive through what would be the worst winter on record.

J&H Tackle Leviathan Long Sleeve Performance Shirts wicks moisture away from your skin keeping you cool. It also provides protection from the sun. To make this shirt even more awesome, we are offering it at just $29.99. Buy this shirt and enjoy it. They are available in M-2XL in Light Blue and White. 

Post a picture of yourself wearing this shirt while holding a fish on Instagram and tag @jandhtackle. We will repost it and you'll be seen by thousands of fishing enthusiasts!



Color - Light Blue

Size - 2XL

Gender - Male