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J&H Tackle Sportfisher Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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If you love offshore fishing you're going to love the J&H Tackle Sportfisher Performance Long Sleeve Shirt! Everyone at the shop is a big fan of Stranger Things on Netflix, so this is our attempt to blend pop culture with fishing. The shirt comes in two versions, Right Side Up and Upsidedown. When you are in the Right Side Up, it's the most idyllic vision of a Sportfisher on the ocean. Everything is picture perfect. Flip it over and you find yourself in the Upside Down where all your worst nightmares come true! That Sportfisher never stood a chance in that dark place. On the front is an homage to the Stranger Things logo. It says J&H Tackle Offshore in 1980's style faded yet glowing red. The J&H Tackle Sportfisher Performance Long Sleeve Shirt is made of 100% polyester and gives you excellent sun protection while wicking moisture away from your skin. It is lightweight, breathable and perfect for your next trip on the boat, or to the beach. If you love offshore fishing and Stranger Things, you are going to love this shirt. Even if you don't watch the show, this is still the coolest offshore shirt on the market. We guarantee it. Don't be shocked when you get a lot of compliments.

The J&H Tackle Sportfisher Performance Long Sleeve Shirt is available in M-3XL. The Right Side Up is white while the Up Side Down is heather grey. Which version will you choose? Whichever path you choose, wash your Sportfisher Tee in cold water and dry it on a low setting.



Color - White

Size - M

Gender - Male