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J&H Tackle Timeless Beanie

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Treat your head right with a J&H Tackle Timeless Beanie! Designed to keep your head warm and cozy during the colder months. The Timeless Beanie is constructed of 100% acrylic. This fishing hat is soft, comfortable and stretches to fit most head sizes. On the front is the J&H Tackle Timeless logo patch that is clean, stylish and will let everyone know that you love fishing! Wear your J&H Tackle Timeless Beanie on the boat, when you're shoveling snow or to a snowball fight.  It will lock heat in as there is nothing worse than a cold head and frozen ears. Buy a J&H Tackle Timeless Beanie and protect your head from the ice and frigid winter winds!

J&H Tackle Timeless Beanies are available in black and olive. They are one size fits all. As always, we really appreciate it anytime you buy something that has our logo on it. It means a lot to us and is a great way to not only support us but to also let other people know you are fans of J&H. Thank you!

Models: JHTB


Color - Black

Size - OSFA

Gender - Male