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Korkers Devils Canyon Wading Boots

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The Korkers Devils Canyon Wading Boot is an awesome new boot from Korkers! If you are going to be fishing with stockingfoot waders, then the Devils Canyon is a great option. They are lightweight, and Korkers has incorporated a great internal drainage system to keep the water out and keep these boots light. The Devils Canyon also uses the M2 Boa lacing system that allows you to put on and take off these boots very quickly. The boots are extremely durable and will last you a long time! Like all Korkers wading boots, these boots use the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System. These boots come with a Plain Felt Sole and a Kling-On Sole. If you are going to be fishing on rocks then you need to add the Studded Kling-On Sole (sold separately). Korkers Devils Canyon Wading Boots are extremely comfortable and will make your feet happy while in the water!

Models: FB4110-08, FB4110-09, FB4110-10, FB4110-11, FB4110-12, FB4110-13, FB4110-14, FB4110-15


Color - Black

Size - 8

Gender - Male