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MagBay Lures Jig Bags

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Looking for a new jig bag? So were we when one of our Instagram followers turned us on to the MagBay Lures Jig Bag. Measuring in at 14" x 9", this custom jig bag holds 25 jigs. It will accommodate vertical jigs, Flat Fall jigs and diamond jigs. If you'd like to add a little neatness to your jig collection, this bag is for you! It features three pockets on the inside that have Velcro closures. On the outside is a large zippered pocket for leaders and other items. On the back is a clasp to attach the bag to whatever you want as well as a d-ring. MagBay Lures Jig Bags have nylon handles so you can easily carry them to and from the boat.

MagBay Lures Jig Bags are available in black/red and black/yellow. There is even a shoutout to Salt Junkies Inc on the back.

Models: 5059


Type - Jig Bag

Size - 14" x 9"

Color - Black/Red