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Maxel Hybrid Star Drag Reels

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The Maxel Hybrid Star Drag Reel is the future of star drag reels! Fishing reels are getting lighter and more powerful and this reel hits on both notes. It is constructed of aluminum and weighs just 13 ozs while delivering 28 lbs of fish stopping power with its top of the line carbon drag system. The Maxel Hybrid's most striking feature is its thumb bar design that allows you to easily engage the reel. This is not something you normally see on this powerful of a reel, and anglers love thumb bars! With stainless steel gears, seven shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a clutch bearing instant anti-reverse, the Maxel Hybrid Star Drag Reel is corrosion resistant and won't fail under pressure. Its 5:1 gear ratio combined with the torque it generates will allow you to reel in big fish. It's also a great casting reel! If you are in the market for a modern star drag reel, and want a reel that you can hand down to your kids after a generation of use, this is it! 

Maxel Hybrid Star Drag Reels are perfect for fishing braided lines. They are available in black/gunsmoke and silver/gunsmoke. You can also get a left handed model in silver.

Models: HY20BG, HY20SG, HY20LSG, HY25BG, HY25SG, HY25LSG