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Nomad Design Jig Wallet Insert Sleeve

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So you're looking for jig storage. I know the feeling. So many jigs and you want them organized. Nothing worse than a tangle of jigs. Well maybe a tangle of treble hooks but that's another story. The Nomad Design Jig Wallet Insert Sleeve is a terrible name but a great product. It is designed to store your jigs and fits inside the Nomad Design Jig Wallet to double the storage capacity. It is very durable and will last a long time due to the heavy duty construction. The insert sleeve features the a clever hook mesh system so that you can cleanly store your jigs with the hooks on them. If you're looking for jig storage and are a fan of Nomad, buy a Nomad Design Jig Wallet Insert Sleeve. They work great!

Nomad Design Jig Wallet Insert Sleeves are gray and hold twelve jigs with hooks.



Type - Jig Sleeve

Size - 12" x 12"

Color - Gray