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Reel Accessories

Penn Neoprene Conventional Reel Covers

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Now you can protect your Penn conventional reels from the elements with these brand new Penn Neoprene Reel Covers featuring the world famous Penn logo. Constructed of 5mm neoprene with triple stitched seams and duable velcro closures. Penn Neoprene Reel Covers have lug cut-outs for easy storage of reels with lugs.

 XXS  TRQ100,TRQ100LD, TRQ200, 965, 975, 975CS, 975CSLD, 112H, 310GTI, 310GT2, 525MAG, 525GS,535GS, 545GS, 500L, 320GTI, 320GT2, 320LD, 555GS
 XS TRQ300, TRQ300LD
 S 16VSX, 16VS, 30TW, 30T, 20T, 16S, 12LT, 10KG, 113, 113H, 113H2, 113HSP, 113HSP2, 113HLW,113H2LW, 113HN, 113MTL, GLD20II, 10LD, 220, 230, GLD20, 15LD, 330GTI, 330GT2, 330LD
 M 50VSX, 30VSW, 30VW, 50S, 50T, 50ST, 30SW, 30TW, 30T, 30S, 114, 114H, 114HLW, 340GTI, 340GT2, 345GTI, 345GT2, 15KG, GLD30, GLD30II, 24KG
 L 70VS, 50VSW, 50VW, 70VSL, 50SW, 50S, 50TW, 115L, GLD50II, 116L
 XL 80VSW, 80TW, 80T, 80STW, 80ST
 XXL 130VSX, 130ST, 117H


Material - 5mm Neoprene

Use while on rod - Yes

Size - Extra Small

Style - Conventional