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Penn Precision Reel Grease

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Penn Precision Reel Grease is designed for use on Penn fishing reels. Ideal for main gears, pinion gears, spool shafts, and drag systems.

PENN® has acquired the technology from the company that produces its co-branded PENN X1R lubrication product used in all PENN reels. Nothing about the formulas have changed, not even the blue color.

PENN lubricants offer the same corrosion and wear protection as the original co-branded product. “We wanted to improve on the availability of this product for our customers and ensure that anyone looking to maintain their reels has access to the best lubrication products on the market,” said Mike Rice, PENN Senior Product Manager. “Our proprietary formula actually bonds to the metal and is specifically designed for use in fishing reels.”


Color - Black/White

Gender - Male