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Penn US Senator Reels

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Penn US Senator Reels are a beefed up version of the original Senator reels. The US Senators are constructed of a one-piece aluminum frame and are incredibly strong, and corrosion resistant. Penn has put stainless steel gears into these reels as well as their excellent HT-100 drag system that has a tremendous amount of fish stopping power. The US Senators also have an aluminum spool, six shielded stainless steel ball bearings, reversible harness lugs, and a nice football shaped power handle. When you pickup a Penn US Senator Reel you can feel how well made it is and how powerful it is. If you are looking for a powerful reel to catch big pelagic species, then a Penn US Senator Reel is the way to go. They hold a lot of braid and can even be used for deep drop fishing.

Penn US Senator Reels are available in three sizes. They are made in the USA!

Models: US113N, US113, US113W