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Princeton Tec Refuel Headlamps

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The Princeton Tec Refuel Headlamp is a terrific source of light for those night time adventures working the surf. The Refuel features four bright white dimmable LEDs that put out 250 lumens. The dimmable features is great as you can easily adjust it to the right amount of light based on your situation. The battery door has been beefed up from the previous generation and is easier to open and close. At the top of the Refuel is a large button that is easy to find, even in pitch black. Press and hold to use the dimming feature. Like all Princeton Tec Headlamps, the Refuel comes with a comfortable headband that works great on your head or over a hat. If you love night fishing, buy a Princeton Tec Refuel Headlamp. It's a great tool!

The Princeton Tec Refuel Headlamps includes 3 AAA batteries. They are black and rated IPX4. This means they can get splashed or even dunked for short periods of time and will continue to perform. They are Made in the USA and come with a 5 year warranty.

Models: RF21-BK/DK


Color - Black

Size - Headlamp

Power - 250 Lumens

Lamp - 4 Ultrabright LEDs

Burn Time - 65 Hours

Batteries - 3 AAA

Weight - 2 3/4 ozs. (78 grams)