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Rockhopper Pork Rind Holster

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The Rockhopper Pork Rind Holster is a great accessory for your surf belt! Rockhopper is all about long-lasting gear with heavy duty construction. This pork rind holster is extremely rugged and will last a very long time! It has a belt loop that accommodates 1-2" belts and you can slide it to whatever position you like on your belt. A tub of Uncle Josh Pork Rind or Fat Cow Jig Strips fits perfectly inside this holster. The Velcro safety system not only secures your pork rind when closed, but when open, keeps the strap held up so that it does not hinder access to your pork rind or jig strips. If you don't have a pork rind holder built into your surf bag, or you want easier access, get yourself a Rockhopper Pork Rind Holster. They not only work great but they are manufactured in the USA!

Rockhopper Pork Rind Holster are available in black. They come with a lifetime warranty.

Models: RH-PRH


Color - Black

Gender - Male