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Shimano 2020 Butterfly Jig Bag

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Shimano 2020 Butterfly Jig Bags are an excellent way to manage your jigs. Whether you use it for everything or as a subset based on the type of fishing you are doing, this bag will get the job done. The 2020 Shimano 2020 Butterfly Jig Bag has a folding design that makes it compact but it holds a lot of gear. Inside there are 17 jig slots designed to hold different length jigs. Each one is part of a Velcro flap that holds them in place. There is also a place to stick your pliers as well as a leader wallet and two reinforced plastic pockets that you can put line, hooks, and other stuff inside. On top there is a hard plastic ergonomic handle and the bag closes with a heavy-duty clasp. If you love fishing with jigs for tuna, seabass or other pelagic species, buy a Shimano 2020 Butterfly Jig Bag!

Shimano 2020 Butterfly Jig Storage Bags are available in medium. They are black with blue accents.