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Shimano 2020 Tonno Offshore Jig Bags

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Shimano 2020 Tonno Offshore Jig Bags are really nice! This is a completely new addition to Shimano's line of fishing bags and they are an excellent in terms of  quality, function and design. They are constructed of heavy-duty denier that can take a beating. The open design means easy access and water will flow out of it, almost like a surf bag. Shimano 2020 Tonno Offshore Jig Bags come in two different versions. The large has a lot of storage and can accommodate a lot of jigs of different sizes as well as leaders, line, pliers and more! The XL is the kitchen sink. It really is. While it's a large bag, it is compact enough that taking it on and off the boat won't feel like work. The XL has a crazy amount of storage for your favorite tuna jigs and all the tools and gear that you would need. It really is a very cool bag! If you love offshore fishing with jigs, buy a Shimano 2020 Tonno Offshore Jig Bag. They are awesome!

Shimano 2020 Tonno Offshore Jig Bags are available in two sizes. They are black with blue accents. This is the perfect gift for any offshore angler who fishes jigs!



Type - Large Jig Bag

Size - 14" x 9" x 4"

Color - Black