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Shimano Borona Tackle Bag

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The Shimano Borona Tackle Bags are great for storing your tackle. With three Plano utility boxes (included) in each bag, you can organize your gear and bring it with you when you go out on the water. The Borona features a zippered front for easy access to your trays and a zippered top that opens into a large pocket for larger items. There are large pockets on each side for even more storage as well as outside netted pockets on the front and both sides. The Shimano Borona Bags are constructed of a sturdy material that will hold up well over time. Use the padded shoulder strap for comfort.

Shimano Borona Tackle Bags are available in 2 sizes. Bags are navy with black and silver accents.

Models: BOR100MNV, BOR120LNV