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Shimano Evair Fishing Shoes

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When trying to catch big game, the kind of footwear you have on matters. It influences your comfort whenyou’re standing for hours on end and ensures your feet don’t get injured in case you step on hooks and sharprocks.For fishing footwear, no one does it like Shimano. The popular Japanese brand’s Evair Fishing Shoes are yourideal pair to wear whether you’re fishing from a boat or a pier. Lightweight and comfortable, these shoes aredesigned to allow your feet to breathe and drain water easily when you’re on land.Shimano Evair Fishing Shoes are made with ultra-lightweight EVA material, preventing the shoes from feelingheavy and waterlogged. When you have it on, it’s like you’re not wearing any shoes at all!It’s also designed to give your feet maximum comfort, with ergonomic arch and a one-piece molded EVAmaterial that absorbs shock on the heel. With Shimano Evair Fishing Shoes as your choice of fishing footwear,foot fatigue isn’t something you’d have to worry about.These fishing shoes also have soles that give your feet a solid grip on surfaces, reducing the risk of slipping andsliding on a boat or pier’s surfaces. Its removable soles are also 100% waterproof. 

Shimano Evair Fishing Shoes are available in Men's sizes 8-13. They come in aqua, black/yellow, blue/gray, camo, and khaki/black. 

Models: EVASH


Color - 2-Tone Blue/Gray

Size - 12

Gender - Male