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Shimano Ocea Jigger Lever Drag Reels

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The Ocea Jigger 2500 LD, the latest addition to the Ocea Jigger series, is designed for deep water fishing and targeting larger fish. It features a lever drag system for consistent drag adjustment, especially important given its high drag capacity of 44 pounds. Shimano's Infinity Drive technology enhances drag force while reducing side load pressure, offering smoother rotation during intense fights. The HG model boasts a high retrieval rate, ideal for deep water jigging, while the MG model excels in shallower waters or when maximum drag and winding power are needed. The reel's HAGANE Body ensures minimal flex and maximum power transfer, and its S-Compact Body design enhances comfort and line control. The inclusion of a light-line cam adds to its versatility, making the Ocea Jigger 2500 LD a formidable choice for serious anglers seeking both power and precision in challenging environments.

Shimano Ocea Jigger Star Drag Reels are made in Japan.They are GunMetal in color. Perfect for any saltwater angler who loves quality.



Body Material - Hagane

Max Drag (lbs) - 44

Line Capacity Braid (yds/lb) - 40/560, 50/470, 65/340

Weight (oz) - 24.3

Bearings - 8/1

Gear Ratio - 6.2:1

Retrieve - Right

Line Retrieve Per Crank (in) - 46"

Spool Material - Aluminum

Handle Shape - Cold Forged Long Crank Handle

Color - GunMetal