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Shimano Talica Reel Covers

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Ever since the Talica launched, anglers have been asking for Shimano Talica Reel Covers and they are finally here! The Shimano Talica is one of the nicest, most popular high-end lever drag reels on the market and it deserves a little protection. These new reel covers are constructed of neoprene and feature a Velcro closure. They are branded with the Talica moniker on the front. The sizing is very easy to understand as there is a cover for each similarly sized Talica. If you love your Shimano Talica reel or are thinking of buying one, definitely grab a Shimano Talica Neoprene Reel Cover with it. It will keep your reel protected from getting dinged up.

Shimano Talica Reel Covers are black. Choose from four sizes. They fit the single-sped and two-speed versions of the Talicas.

Models: RCTAL8-10, RCTAL12-16, RCTAL20-25, RCTAL50


Material - Neoprene

Use while on rod - Yes

Size - Talica 8-10

Style - Conventional