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Stormr Torque Neoprene Gloves

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Stormr Torque Neoprene Gloves are designed to protect you while fishing with braided lines. These cold weather fishing gloves are made of the same great neoprene as the Stormr Strykr Neoprene Gloves with the addition of kevlar index finger and thumb tips. The kevlar will protect your gloves and your fingers from being cut by braided fishing line. Stormr Torque Neoprene Gloves are constructed of waterproof and windproof neoprene that are lined with warm, moisture wicking fleece. They go up to your wrist and have an adjustable velcro closure. The fingers and palms are covered in a durable material that provides great grip! Stormr Torque Neoprene Gloves are extremely comfortable and you will be very happy you have a pair when the weather gets cold and you want to get out on the water. They are designed to be fished with braid.

Stormr Torque Gloves are available in several sizes. Gloves are black.

Models: RGK20V


Color - Black

Size - XXL

Gender - Male