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Striper Pursuit by John Skinner

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    By Brian Williams on 2/10/2019

    Though a short read this is full of great information. Geared mainly toward the N.E. part of the U.S., anyone who fishes the surf (East coast or West coast) will learn something. The codes for the video's are nice and the video's are informative as well.

Striper Pursuit is the great new book from veteran angler John Skinner. Whether you are new to surf fishing or have been fishing from the beach for a long time, there are countless tips contained in this book that will help you catch more fish! John Skinner's writing style is very easy to digest. His goal is to teach you how to catch fish from the surf and he succeeds! In this book you learn about fishing with plugs, fishing with eels and the best practices to optimizing your fishing experience. If you are even curious about surf fishing, this is the book to pick up. Get yourself a copy of Striper Pursuit and take your surf fishing to the next level!

Striper Pursuit by John Skinner is available in paperback. It makes the perfect gift!


Author - John Skinner