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Tactical Anglers Assault Pouch

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The Tactical Anglers Assault Pouch is a great for surfcasting. Constructed of durable, heavy-duty waterproof material, the TA Assault Pouch can handle the rigors of saltwater fishing. The interior has two compartments that can hold bucktails, soft plastics and other terminal tackle. There is a Velcro closure and two grommets for drainage. On the rear are two 2" belt loops so you can slide this pouch onto your surf belt and keep your hands free for fishing! The Tactical Anglers Assault Pouch is also great for surfcasters who want to travel light. If you are familiar with a spot or are in an area where you don't need your entire surf bag, the TA Assault Pouch is a great option. You can also wear it in conjunction with your surf bag for even more storage! 

Tactical Anglers Assault Pouches are available in black and blue. 

Models: TAAP


Type - Surf Pouch

Size - 7" L x 1/2" W x 5 1/2" H

Color - Black