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Turtle Cove Tackle Plier Carrier

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The Turtle Cove Tackle Plier Carrier is the perfect accessory for carrying your pliers while surfcasting. Constructed of carbon fiber, this plier sheath is incredibly strong and durable. It can really handle a beating! At the same time it is very lightweight and will not weigh you down while you are walking the beach. It comes with a built-it carbon fiber belt loop that can accommodate a 2" belt loop. It features three holes that you can hook up the enclosed lanyard too, or the lanyard of your choice. Protect your pliers and keep them at arms reach with the Turtle Cove Tackle Plier Carrier. If you're looking for a plier holster for your surf belt, this just might be the right one for you.

Turtle Cove Tackle Plier Carriers come with a lifetime warranty. They are proudly made in the USA!

Models: TCT-PC


Color - Carbon Fiber