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Van Staal Surf Hats

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Van Staal Surf Hats have gotten a refresh for 2023. Now available in trucker style in black or turquoise and khaki in full cotton. If you're a Van Staal fan you are going to love these hats! Van Staal hats are one size fits all with a snapback closure. They are extrmeely comfortable and are perfect for wearing on the beach when you're tackling your PB or just around town. Each of the three colors has the VS logo on the front. The khaki and turquoise versions also say VAN STAAL beneath the logo. If you fish Van Staal reels, you're going to want one of these hats. Van Staal has an amazing fan base and there is no doubt that these new, moernized hats will be extremely popular with surf anglers as well as guys who fish Van Staals on boats. Buy one for yourself and one for your buddy! 

Van Staal Surf Hats are available in black, khaki and turquoise. One size fits all.



Color - Khaki

Gender - Male