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Van Staal VS Spinning Reels Spare Spools

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Van Staal VS Spinning Reel Spare Spools were made to fit Van Staal Bailless Spinning Reels. They are identical to the spool that came with your Van Staal reel. Be sure to check the size reel you have as they will only fit the same size reel. Van Staal Spools are not interchangeable. They are constructed of aluminum and are amazing! If you love fishing with your VS, and want a way to change your line quickly, then a Van Staal Spare Spool is the way to go. They will last you a lifetime!

Van Staal VS Bailless Spinning Reel Spare Spools will only work with bailless VS reels. They are available in silver and black.

Models: SR1003*-1 (VS100), SR1503*-1 (VS150), SR1503L*-1 (VS150L), SR2003*-1 (VS200), SR2503*-1 (VS250), SR2503L*-1 (VS250L), SR2753*-1 (VS275)


Color - Black

Size - 100 X-Series

Gender - Male