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Yak Attack Get Hooked Logo Tow Flag

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Stay safe and compliant during your kayak transportation with the YakAttack Get Hooked Logo Tow Flag. Designed to enhance visibility and safety while towing your kayak, this bright and durable flag is an essential accessory for any kayak angler or paddler. Featuring the distinctive "Get Hooked" logo, this tow flag not only improves your visibility on the road but also adds a touch of style to your gear.

High-Visibility Design:

The YakAttack Get Hooked Logo Tow Flag is crafted from a high-visibility orange material, ensuring that your kayak is easily seen by other drivers. The bright color stands out in various lighting conditions, reducing the risk of accidents and making your kayak transport safer. Whether you're towing your kayak to a local fishing spot or embarking on a long-distance adventure, this flag ensures that other motorists are aware of your load.

Durable Construction:

Made from robust, weather-resistant materials, the Get Hooked Logo Tow Flag is built to withstand the rigors of transportation. The flag is designed to endure exposure to the elements, including sun, rain, and wind, ensuring that it remains in good condition trip after trip. The durable construction provides peace of mind that your visibility and safety won't be compromised by wear and tear.

Easy Attachment:

Attaching the YakAttack Get Hooked Logo Tow Flag to your kayak is quick and straightforward. The flag features a convenient loop and clip system that securely attaches to the stern of your kayak or any other protruding part. This simple attachment mechanism ensures that the flag stays in place during transit, even at highway speeds. The flag can also be easily removed and stored when not in use, making it a versatile addition to your kayak gear.

Stylish "Get Hooked" Logo:

In addition to its functional benefits, the Get Hooked Logo Tow Flag adds a touch of personality to your kayak setup. The flag proudly displays the YakAttack "Get Hooked" logo, showcasing your passion for kayak fishing. This stylish detail sets your gear apart and lets fellow enthusiasts know that you're part of the YakAttack community.

Compliance with Transportation Regulations:

Many regions have regulations requiring visible tow flags for loads that extend beyond the vehicle's rear bumper. The YakAttack Get Hooked Logo Tow Flag helps you comply with these regulations, avoiding potential fines and ensuring that you're towing your kayak legally. By enhancing your load's visibility, this flag contributes to safer roadways for everyone.

Compact and Portable:

The Get Hooked Logo Tow Flag is designed with convenience in mind. Its compact size allows for easy storage when not in use. You can easily tuck it into your kayak's storage compartment, gear bag, or vehicle, ensuring that it's always on hand when needed. The lightweight and portable design make it a practical addition to your kayak accessories.

Enhance your towing safety and visibility with the YakAttack Get Hooked Logo Tow Flag. This high-visibility, durable, and easy-to-attach flag ensures that other drivers can see your kayak, reducing the risk of accidents during transport. With its stylish logo and compliance with transportation regulations, the Get Hooked Logo Tow Flag is a must-have for any kayak angler or paddler. Invest in this essential safety accessory and tow your kayak with confidence.


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