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Yeti Rambler Chug Cap

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The Yeti Rambler Chug Cap is the ultimate cap for your Rambler Bottle! This is the cap that should have come with the bottle originally, but be thankful that it is finally here. The Yeti Rambler Chug Cap fits all Yeti Rambler Bottles. There are two pieces. The bottom portion screws into the Bottle forming a 100% leakproof seam and has a wide spout at the top so you can chug your favorite beverage. The second piece is the cap that covers this chugging spout and looks just like the cap that came with your bottle from the factory. It features a three-finger grip and screws on and off very easily. If you own a Yeti Rambler Bottle or are considering one, a Yeti Rambler Chug Cap is a must! It changes the bottle from something you store your beverage in, into something you can actually drink out of.

Yeti Rambler Chug Caps are black and clear. They are dishwasher safe.



Color - Black

Size - OSFA

Gender - Male