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Yeti Rambler MagSlider Lids

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A Yeti Rambler MagSlider Lid is designed for a Yeti Rambler Tumbler. With its sliding magnetic closure, the MagSlider Lid is spill-resistant. Closing the lid will also further lock in the heat or cold, depending on what is in your cup. Yeti Rambler Mag Slider Lids are spill-resistant, shatter-resistant and completely safe in the dishwasher. Pop off the magnetic slider for a thorough cleaning. If you love using your Rambler Tumbler every day, swap out the lid for one of these. It is better in every way.

Yeti Rambler Lids are clear with a black rubber gasket. They come in two different sizes. The smaller one fits the 10 oz Lowball and the 20 oz Rambler. The larger one fits the 30 oz Tumbler. They do not come with a tumbler.



Color - Clear

Gender - Male