Albies have Arrived!

Sep 21, 2023
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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The False Albacore (Albies) are finally here and it’s a lot of fun to catch them. In the North East the season is so short when they come through here that anglers go wild for a chance to catch them from a boat or even the beach. If you’ve never hooked into an albie, you are missing out! They are a lot of fun to catch.

The most popular lures are small jigs or specific soft plastics. Joe Baggs Resin Jigs and Hogy Epoxy Jigs are extremely popular because they can be moved through the water quickly and are super durable. Locally, 3/4 and 1 oz sizes are the most popular and everyone likes different colors but it’s usually some combination of green, silver and pink.

Joe Baggs Resin Jig – Green

If you want to use soft plastics then we recommend Fish Snax Albie Snax. These were designed for catching albies and they work great. This year they introduced a sandeel color which looks great and should perform well, especially if there are sandeels in the water. Makes sense. These are sold unrigged but you can buy the matching hooks too.

Fish Snax Albie Snax – Sandeel

If you’ve never had a chance to hook into an albie and hear the drag scream, it should be on your list. They are an extremely fun fish to catch and will put a smile on your face every time you catch one.

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