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Fish Snax Lures Albie Snax

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Fish Snax Lures Lures Albie Snax are the perfect bait for throwing to false albacore. Anglers get pumped when the albie season comes around and here is a tried and true bait that will result in more fish hookups! Albie Snax are manufactured of a durable plastic that casts well and swims naturally in the water. Rig it with a twistlock hook and you are good to go! If you love targeting albies, try some Albie Snax!

Fish Snax Lures Lures Albie Snax are made in America! Choose from three great colors - Lite Amber, Pearl and Pink/Bubblegum. They come six to a pack.



Color - Pearl

Size (in.) - 5 1/2"

Pieces - 6

Hook - Unrigged