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Soft Plastics

Soft plastics you buy online at J & H are from the following manufacturers: Al Gag’s, Bass Assassin, Berkley, Daiwa, EliasVFishing, Gary Yamamoto, Hogy. Keitech, Megabass, Missile Baits, Reins, RonZ, Savage Gear, Storm, Strike King, Tsunami, and Zoom.

Soft plastics for sale come in a wide variety of designs to lure a wide variety of fish. The realistic designs of these soft plastics lures will impress you, and their prices will delight you.

Soft plastics prices range from inexpensive – just a couple of dollars, to twenty dollars. Packets of multiple lures are also on sale for up to fifty dollars. Whether you want just one or two lures or several, you will find what you need here.

Soft plastics are cheap for a single lure, but will add up the more you buy, of course. That’s why we encourage our customers to purchase several items, for which you are rewarded. We offer free shipping on any order over one hundred dollars, so go ahead, purchase as many lures and other fishing gear as you’d like.  

Soft plastics you buy online, such as Hogy Pro Tail Paddles, are ideal for fishing inshore. Striped bass love these soft plastics, and although they’re native to the Atlantic coast, you can also find striped bass in inland fisheries thanks to stocking programs. Did you know striped bass migrate between fresh and saltwater? Salmon do the same thing. You can catch striped bass with trolling and surf casting.

Soft plastics for sale here at J & H include lures that resemble eels, crawdads, lobsters, shrimp, worms, squids, gobys, and shad. These baits are so lifelike that if they didn’t have hooks in them, they’d fool humans as well as fish.

Some soft plastics prices are for holographic lures that look like baitfish. The holographic foil material reflects light just as if it were a real fish, which attracts not only striped bass but also blue fish. Shad lures, for example, come in lengths of 6 inches or eight inches, and can be placed on jig heads, umbrella rigs or weighted hooks. These baits are unrigged, meaning you choose what hook to use with them.

Soft plastics are cheap although inexpensive would be a better term, as they are well made and sturdy and will bounce back no matter how many fish chomp on them. It’s due to high quality material and expert workmanship that soft plastic lures can be so successful.

Soft plastics for sale online also include such fun lures as the Reins Bubbling shaker. Cast in the shape of worms, they have a bubble pin tail that attracts bait fish…and the bait fish in turn attract the big fish that you’re actually looking for. These worms are also infused with the scent of salt and of shrimp, for added deliciousness.

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