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Striped Bass Fishing: Best Baits, Techniques, and Prime Times

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Striped Bass Fishing: Baits, Techniques, and Prime Times Welcome to the exhilarating world of striped bass fishing, a sport that combines skill, patience, and the thrill of the catch. Striped bass, often referred to as ‘stripers’, are among the most sought-after game fish in the United States. Their robust size, […]

Jan 23, 2024
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Ultimate Guide to Fluke Fishing: Techniques, Tips, and Best Baits

Unveiling the Secrets of Modern Fluke Fishing Fluke fishing, a blend of skill, patience, and strategy, stands as a fascinating challenge for anglers along coastal waters. More than just a hobby, it’s an evolving art form, with each catch telling its own unique story. Targeting fluke, known for their cunning nature, has been a revered […]

Jan 10, 2024
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Types of Fishing Lures: Complete Guide

Introduction Fishing, an art as old as time, constantly evolves with technology and innovation, especially when it comes to fishing lures. These ingenious inventions are more than just tools; they’re the heart and soul of angling, determining not just the success of your catch but also defining the experience itself. At J&H Tackle, we understand […]

Dec 12, 2023
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How to Improve Fishing Skills

Introduction Fishing is more than just a pastime; it’s an art form, a communion with nature, and for many, a profound passion that transcends mere hobby. Whether you’re standing knee-deep in a gently flowing stream, casting your line from the rugged coastline, or navigating the open waters, fishing offers an escape from the hustle and […]

Dec 10, 2023
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Best Time To Go Fishing

Introduction For both the seasoned angler and the enthusiastic novice, the quest for the perfect catch is a blend of skill, patience, and a keen understanding of nature’s rhythms. At the heart of this pursuit is a question that echoes across shimmering lakes and vast oceans alike: “When is the best time to go fishing?” […]

Dec 08, 2023
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Five Great Fishing Lures For Catching Striped Bass!

The pursuit of striped bass, with their cunning nature and formidable strength, is a pastime that captivates anglers across coasts. Each outing is a story waiting to unfold, with the lure at its heart. Through my ventures, from the sun-drenched shores of the Outer Banks to the rugged cliffs of the Pacific, I’ve come to […]

Nov 08, 2023
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Essential Fish Gear for Different Types of Angling

An All-Encompassing Guide to Choosing the Right Gear for Your Fishing Style Fishing isn’t just a one-size-fits-all activity. The fish gear you choose can make or break your experience, and that’s not just about the type of fishing you’re doing. It’s also about your personal style! In this guide, we’ll dive into the essentials you’ll […]

Oct 04, 2023
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Albies have Arrived!

The False Albacore (Albies) are finally here and it’s a lot of fun to catch them. In the North East the season is so short when they come through here that anglers go wild for a chance to catch them from a boat or even the beach. If you’ve never hooked into an albie, you […]

Sep 21, 2023
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Benefits of Soft Plastic Lures In Saltwater Fishing

Soft plastic fishing lures are a popular choice among saltwater anglers for a number of reasons. One of the main benefits of using soft plastic lures in saltwater fishing is their versatility. These lures can be used in a variety of saltwater fishing techniques, including jigging, rig fishing, and topwater casting, and are effective for […]

Dec 07, 2022
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Dark Matter Astro Spook

The Dark Matter Astro Spook is a big spook! At 3.7 ozs it’s a bit intimidating for anglers who haven’t thrown a lure this big. Don’t let that put you off. Big spooks are extremely effective when you’re targeting big striped bass. I mean really effective! It offers that larger profile in the water that […]

May 04, 2022
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