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Best Striper (Bass) Fishing Rods and Reels (2024 Updated Guide)

Fishing for striped bass is a lot of fun! Anglers absolutely love targeting these exciting fish. Ah, the elusive striper – a prize that beckons anglers to coastal waters with the promise of a fight that tests skill, patience, and gear. As someone who has spent countless dawns casting lines in hopes of that thrilling […]

Feb 11, 2024
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Best Saltwater Spinning Reels for 2024

As we venture into the waters of 2024, the world of saltwater fishing continues to evolve, offering anglers both challenges and exhilaration. At the heart of every successful saltwater fishing expedition is a vital piece of equipment – the spinning reel. The right saltwater spinning reel can be the difference between a triumphant catch and […]

Dec 22, 2023
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How to Improve Fishing Skills

Introduction Fishing is more than just a pastime; it’s an art form, a communion with nature, and for many, a profound passion that transcends mere hobby. Whether you’re standing knee-deep in a gently flowing stream, casting your line from the rugged coastline, or navigating the open waters, fishing offers an escape from the hustle and […]

Dec 10, 2023
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Best Time To Go Fishing

Introduction For both the seasoned angler and the enthusiastic novice, the quest for the perfect catch is a blend of skill, patience, and a keen understanding of nature’s rhythms. At the heart of this pursuit is a question that echoes across shimmering lakes and vast oceans alike: “When is the best time to go fishing?” […]

Dec 08, 2023
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Van Staal: A Legacy of Innovation in Fishing Gear

Key Takeaways Van Staal’s inception in the early 90s Rich history of design ingenuity Premium Van Staal products at J&H Tackle Unique features enhancing fishing experiences The Genesis of Van Staal The story of Van Staal commences in the early 1990s, amidst the salt, rock, and surf of the rugged Atlantic coastline. Born from a […]

Oct 08, 2023
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Why Quality Tackle Matters: An Investment You Won’t Regret

There’s an old saying among fishermen: “You get what you pay for.” While scrimping on some things might be okay, when it comes to fishing tackle, quality truly matters. Let me tell you why investing in top-notch gear is an investment you won’t regret. The Longevity Factor Imagine you’re out on the water. Your line […]

Sep 28, 2023
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The Unbeatable Strength of Sealed Spinning Reels: Your Ultimate Guide

When it comes to fishing, choosing the right equipment can make or break your day on the water. For avid anglers facing the challenges of saltwater fishing or rugged conditions, sealed spinning reels have become indispensable. In this in-depth article, we’ll dive into the world of sealed spinning reels, uncovering their remarkable benefits and why […]

Sep 23, 2023
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Van Staal / Penn Promo Day

This weekend at J&H Tackle we are having a Van Staal / Penn Promo Day. Basically an event with these two brands to offer you some cool stuff. If you are a fan of Van Staal or Penn, you should come down to the shop. Craig from Van Staal will be in the shop on […]

Sep 07, 2023
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Van Staal VR151 Lefty Spinning Reel

It has been a while since Van Staal made lefty reels. Over the past few years as more anglers are realizing the great benefit of owning a spinning reel that is fully sealed.No more worrying about water, salt or sand getting inside and ruining your fishing trip! Finally Van Staal has released a 151 and […]

Feb 01, 2022
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Van Staal VR 75 Spinning Reels

Van Staal VR 75 Spinning Reels are back in stock! Anglers have been scooping up these reels because they are so lightweight and fully sealed! The main reason you buy a Van Staal is because you don’t have to worry about water, salt and sand getting inside your reel. They are also extremely durable due […]

Jan 09, 2022
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