Van Staal VR 75 Spinning Reels

Jan 09, 2022
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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Van Staal VR 75 Spinning Reels are back in stock! Anglers have been scooping up these reels because they are so lightweight and fully sealed! The main reason you buy a Van Staal is because you don’t have to worry about water, salt and sand getting inside your reel. They are also extremely durable due to being over-built.

The VR 75 is perfect for boat anglers and surfcasters alike. Pair it with a modern inshore spinning rod like a Dark Matter Inshore Spinning Rod or a 7′-10′ (open beach) surf rod. Make sure the rod and reel are well balanced. Don’t pair it with a heavy rod that’s going to defeat the benefits of the VR 75’s lightweight design.

The VR 75 is constructed of aluminum and puts out 25 lbs of drag! That is a lot for a reel of this size. It holds 400 yards of 20 lb test and has a 6.3:1 gear ratio. If you’re targeting albies or you need to move a lure through the water quickly, this fast gear ratio is a huge benefit. You can still work lures slowly by turning the handle slowly.

Van Staal VR75 Spinning Reel Review

If you want a high quality spinning reel that is light, powerful and fully sealed, buy a Van Staal VR 75! Watch our video review and then get one for yourself! It’s perfect when targeting striped bass, bluefish, false albacore, snook, redfish, blackfish, fluke and more!

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