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Best Striper (Bass) Fishing Rods and Reels (2024 Updated Guide)

Fishing for striped bass is a lot of fun! Anglers absolutely love targeting these exciting fish. Ah, the elusive striper – a prize that beckons anglers to coastal waters with the promise of a fight that tests skill, patience, and gear. As someone who has spent countless dawns casting lines in hopes of that thrilling […]

Feb 11, 2024
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Best Saltwater Fishing Rods for 2024

Saltwater fishing is an exhilarating adventure that blends skill, patience, and the right equipment to create unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re battling a fierce marlin off the coast or casting for redfish in the flats, the thrill of the catch is unmatched. However, the key to a successful saltwater fishing trip lies not just in your […]

Dec 28, 2023
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Five Great Fishing Lures For Catching Striped Bass!

The pursuit of striped bass, with their cunning nature and formidable strength, is a pastime that captivates anglers across coasts. Each outing is a story waiting to unfold, with the lure at its heart. Through my ventures, from the sun-drenched shores of the Outer Banks to the rugged cliffs of the Pacific, I’ve come to […]

Nov 08, 2023
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Van Staal: A Legacy of Innovation in Fishing Gear

Key Takeaways Van Staal’s inception in the early 90s Rich history of design ingenuity Premium Van Staal products at J&H Tackle Unique features enhancing fishing experiences The Genesis of Van Staal The story of Van Staal commences in the early 1990s, amidst the salt, rock, and surf of the rugged Atlantic coastline. Born from a […]

Oct 08, 2023
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Century Rods Day at J&H Tackle

This Saturday is Century Rods Day at J&H! Come into the shop and check out all the latest Century Rods and meet the pro staff from 10-4pm. If you buy a Century rod you’ll get a hat and t-shirt. It’s going to be a fun day. We’ve greatly expanded our selection of Century Rods in […]

Sep 20, 2023
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Dark Matter Astro Spook

The Dark Matter Astro Spook is a big spook! At 3.7 ozs it’s a bit intimidating for anglers who haven’t thrown a lure this big. Don’t let that put you off. Big spooks are extremely effective when you’re targeting big striped bass. I mean really effective! It offers that larger profile in the water that […]

May 04, 2022
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Penn Slammer IV 3500 Video Review

It seems like ICAST 2021 was forever ago! That’s where we learned of the new Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reels. Fast forward seven months and the reels are finally starting to trickle in. The Slammer IV is definitely Penn’s smoothest spinning reel to date. One turn of the handle will tell you that. Watch our […]

Feb 18, 2022
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Van Staal VR151 Lefty Spinning Reel

It has been a while since Van Staal made lefty reels. Over the past few years as more anglers are realizing the great benefit of owning a spinning reel that is fully sealed.No more worrying about water, salt or sand getting inside and ruining your fishing trip! Finally Van Staal has released a 151 and […]

Feb 01, 2022
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Van Staal VR 75 Spinning Reels

Van Staal VR 75 Spinning Reels are back in stock! Anglers have been scooping up these reels because they are so lightweight and fully sealed! The main reason you buy a Van Staal is because you don’t have to worry about water, salt and sand getting inside your reel. They are also extremely durable due […]

Jan 09, 2022
fishing J&H Tackle spinning reel surfcasting van staal
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