Van Staal VR151 Lefty Spinning Reel

Feb 01, 2022
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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It has been a while since Van Staal made lefty reels. Over the past few years as more anglers are realizing the great benefit of owning a spinning reel that is fully sealed.No more worrying about water, salt or sand getting inside and ruining your fishing trip!

Finally Van Staal has released a 151 and a 201 so anglers who reel with their right hand have a dedicated fully sealed reel. They come with the bail and a bailless kit in the box so you can convert it over if you want to. There is also a tool inside so you can service the reel yourself.

Van Staal VR151 Lefty Spinning Reel Review

Whether you are a righty or a lefty, fishing a van Staal is great. Just a complete workhorse of a reel. You know it’s going to keep working no matter the elements or if you hook into a big fish. It is a really great product that will last a very long time!

Buy a Van Staal VR151 Lefty Spinning Reel. Available in black and silver.

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