Van Staal: A Legacy of Innovation in Fishing Gear

Oct 08, 2023
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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Key Takeaways

Van Staal’s inception in the early 90sRich history of design ingenuity
Premium Van Staal products at J&H TackleUnique features enhancing fishing experiences

The Genesis of Van Staal

The story of Van Staal commences in the early 1990s, amidst the salt, rock, and surf of the rugged Atlantic coastline. Born from a necessity for durable and high-performance fishing equipment capable of challenging the harsh saltwater conditions, Van Staal swiftly emerged as a hallmark of innovation in the industry. The brand’s initial offerings were a breath of fresh air, delivering a caliber of durability and performance that was then unparalleled. The reels were crafted to withstand the test of time, becoming instant favorites among the angler community. This section delves into the vision behind Van Staal’s inception, the craftsmanship that set it apart, and the early products that laid the foundation for a brand synonymous with quality and performance.

Van Staal’s Evolution Over the Years

The journey of Van Staal is one of continuous evolution. Over the years, the brand has tirelessly worked to elevate the standards of what anglers can expect from their gear. The introduction of the VS X2 Bailless Spinning Reels marked a significant milestone, embodying a fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering. This innovation did not stop there; the VSB X2 Bailed Spinning Reels further showcased Van Staal’s commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and functionality.

Black Van Staal VS X2 Bailed Spinning Reel at J&H Tackle
Black Van Staal VS X2 Bailed Spinning Reel at J&H Tackle

Key Takeaways

Transition from original designs to modern reelsIntroduction of new materials and technologies
Continuous commitment to quality and performanceBroadening of product range over time

The early days of Van Staal are marked by a commitment to producing high-quality round body spinning reels in the United States. The brand was introduced in 1992, spotlighting a new generation of superior spinning reels made domestically. Initially, Van Staal reels featured a fixed bail, but as the brand evolved, reels were also offered with either a fixed bail or a full bail, showcasing Van Staal’s adaptability to market preferences. These reels were made available in several different sizes and were offered with a choice of a black, silver, or gold anodized finish, indicating a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal right from the inception of the brand. This early phase set the stage for Van Staal’s longstanding reputation for quality and performance.

On the business front, Van Staal has experienced changes in ownership that reflect its value in the fishing gear market. The brand was acquired by Pure Fishing from W.C. Bradley/Zebco Holdings, Inc., as announced by Pure Fishing. This acquisition was part of Pure Fishing’s strategic move to bolster its position in the saltwater fishing gear category, alongside their popular PENN Fishing brand​​.

This transition of ownership and the continuous evolution of product offerings underline Van Staal’s significant standing in the industry and its journey through different phases of business operations while maintaining a steadfast focus on quality and innovation.

Van Staal Reels: The Unbeatable Choice for Surfcasting Enthusiasts

Key Takeaways

Unmatched DurabilitySuperior Performance in Harsh Conditions
Precision EngineeringWorthwhile Investment for Serious Anglers


For the surfcasting enthusiast, the choice of reel is a critical decision that greatly impacts the experience and success on the waters. Among the plethora of options available in the market, Van Staal reels stand head and shoulders above the rest. This piece delves into the distinctive features and benefits of Van Staal reels that make them the preferred choice for serious surfcasters.

Unyielding Durability

Van Staal reels are synonymous with unyielding durability. Crafted from high-grade materials, these reels are designed to withstand the harshest conditions surfcasters often find themselves in. The meticulous construction ensures that sand, salt, and water won’t compromise the reel’s performance or longevity. This level of durability is unparalleled and is the cornerstone of Van Staal’s reputation in the surfcasting community.

Van Staal is the choice of serious surf anglers.

Exceptional Performance in Harsh Conditions

Surfcasting is known for its challenging environment, and Van Staal reels rise to the occasion with exceptional performance. Their water-tight design ensures smooth operation even when submerged, a feature that is critical for surfcasting where reels are constantly exposed to saltwater. The superior drag system provides consistent pressure, allowing for precise control and a remarkable fishing experience regardless of the conditions.

Precision Engineering

The precision engineering of Van Staal reels is evident in every cast and retrieve. The smoothness, balance, and mechanical integrity are a result of meticulous design and high-quality construction. This level of precision provides anglers with the confidence and reliability needed when targeting big fish from the surf.

Investment in Quality

While Van Staal reels come with a higher price tag compared to other spinning reels, they represent a worthwhile investment for the serious angler. The longevity, performance, and peace of mind that come with a Van Staal reel justify the investment, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run. The resale value of Van Staal reels also remains high, underlining their enduring value.

Expanding the Horizon: Beyond Reels

Van Staal’s venture beyond reels demonstrates a natural progression in the brand’s journey. The VR Spinning Reels are a testament to this expansion, adhering to the brand’s ethos of quality and performance. While still a high-end series, Van Staal wa able to bring the price down to accommodate a wider range of anglers and really expand into the inshore saltwater market. The diversification didn’t stop at reels; the Titanium Pliers unveiled a new dimension to Van Staal’s portfolio, resonating with the same rugged elegance the brand is revered for. Van Staal embraced the challenge of diversification, while maintaining its signature quality and performance across a broadening range of fishing accessories.

Van Staal VR50 Spinning Reel in black

Van Staal in Modern Fishing: A Blend of Tradition and Technology

Transitioning into the modern era has been a smooth sail for Van Staal. The brand has effortlessly blended its rich tradition with contemporary technology to cater to the modern angler. From stylish apparel like the Van Staal Elastic Drawcord Hoodie and Surf Hats, to functional accessories like the Power Grip Handle Knobs, Van Staal’s modern offerings exude a blend of tradition and innovation. Van Staal has retained its core values while adapting to the modern demands of the fishing community.

Key Takeaways

Blend of tradition and modern technologyWide range of apparel and accessories
Enhanced fishing experience with modern Van Staal gearContinuous innovation catering to modern anglers
Van Staal brought back the VS300


The legacy of Van Staal is a captivating narrative of relentless innovation, enduring quality, and a staunch commitment to enhancing the fishing experience. J&H Tackle, with its array of Van Staal products, is a proud part of this narrative, offering modern anglers a gateway to a brand that has stood the test of time. Van Staal’s tale is far from over; with each reel, pair of pliers, or piece of apparel, the brand continues to reel in the hearts of anglers, promising an unrivaled fishing experience.

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