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Van Staal Titanium Pliers

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Van Staal Titanium Pliers are awesome fishing pliers! If you fish in saltwater then you know the corrosive effects it can have on cheap pliers and even ones made of stainless steel. Titanium does not rust and will last a lifetime. Van Staal Titanium pliers feature titanium jaws, tungsten cutters that are replaceable and come with a great sheath and lanyard.   If you want the best fishing pliers on the market, then they have to be made of titanium. The Van Staal name is synonymous with quality and that definitely applies to their fishing pliers.

Van Staal Titanium Pliers are available in 6" and 7". It doesn't get more awesome than this! Any saltwater angler would love a pair of these pliers!

Models: FP6000-Set, FP7000-Set