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Van Staal VR Spinning Reels

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The second generation of Van Staal VR Spinning Reels are the surf angler's dream come true! These fully sealed, fully submergeable reels are the brain child of Rob Koelewyn, the original creator of Van Staal. They are constructed of aluminum with a solid titanium spool shaft. They have a powerful, waterproof drag system and a lightweight design. They come from the factory with a bail and a bailless conversion kit so you can fish them however you like. Van Staal has cut the weight of the reel as much as possible by not only adding cut outs on the body, rotor and spool, but also using a delrin ball knob that is very strong and makes the handle virtually weightless. What's left is an amazingly well balanced reel that is ready to go to battle with you the next time you hit the beach. The second generation upgrades include a thicker gear on the 50/75 sizes. The 125-200 have gotten a much thicker stainless steel shaft and the same great waterproof drag you find in the VS  X-SERIES reels. Another awesome feature of the Van Staal VR Series is the price point. They range from $509-$609, and are the least expensive extreme fishing reels ever made!

Van Staal VR Spinning Reels are available in sizes 50-200. The VR50, VR75, VR125, VR150, VR175, and VR200 have the handle on the left side of the reel. The VR51, VR151 and VR201 have the handle on the right side. The reels you reel with your left hand are available in black and silver. The reels with the handle on the right side are only available in black.

Models: VR50, VR51, VR75, VR125, VR150, VR151, VR175, VR200, VR201