Dark Matter Astro Spook

May 04, 2022
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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The Dark Matter Astro Spook is a big spook! At 3.7 ozs it’s a bit intimidating for anglers who haven’t thrown a lure this big. Don’t let that put you off. Big spooks are extremely effective when you’re targeting big striped bass. I mean really effective! It offers that larger profile in the water that these fish just can’t resist.

The Dark Matter Astro Spook was designed from the ground up and is one of the best big spooks on the market. Not only does it swim that perfect walk the dog style on the surface of he water but if you can get it sub surface it will swim like a darter. No other spook on the market can do this.

This is a great lure to fish from the beach or from a boat. Once you get used to casting a larger plug it is super easy to work and you’ll be very happy when you hook up to one of those big striped bass! If you’re down south, snook will also crush this lure. I mean crush it!

Dark Matter Astro Spook Colorways

Let’s talk color for a minute. Bone is clearly the most popular color. I can hear all the anglers saying “Bone or go home” but the other colors work really well and you should try them. John Skinner is a big fan f the Astro Spook and hooked up with some big bass using the bunker color. So don’t just go with bone. The chrome is great as is the green colorway – Thicccle Rick – an homage to Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty. Might have a silly name but the lure works great and the green is a really natural presentation.

If you’re throwing the Astro Spook, we recommend the Dark Matter John Skinner Surf Rod, Dark Matter IO Spinning Rod or a St Croix Mojo Inshore 711 Spinning Rod. Any of these rods will give you the distance you want and are easy to work.

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