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Dark Matter Astro Spook

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The Dark Matter Astro Spook is here and ready to dominate! Welcome to the world's first dual mode, internally armored, walk the dog style bait. Walk it wide or splash it tight. It is capable of kicking almost two feet off center. Give it a rip followed by a steady retrieve to activate its subsurface hunting mode. The precisely balanced from-the-ground-up design creates a built-in wandering S shaped action down to six feet. Twitch it occasionally and it will plow off axis. Stop it dead and it surges back to the surface waiting to get obliterated. The Dark Matter Astro Spook is meant to be used when targeting big fish. These hard plastic lures feature a hexagonal internal structure and wire through construction so they can handle the pressure that large fish put them under. Nothing is worse than having a lure fail on you and this was built to make that situation a thing of the past. The internal metal balls not only help with casting distance but rattle and create sound waves that fish can sense. They are outfitted with super sharp 3/0 VMC 4X treble hooks. The large 3D eyes and excellent finishes add to the allure of this bait. If you love throwing big spooks or if you've never tried one before, this is the one to get. Large striped bass, snook and other aggressive fish won't be able to resist it!

Dark Matter Astro Spooks are 7" in length and weigh in at 3.7 ozs. This is a big lure so make sure you have the correct gear in order to maximize casting distance. It is available in five great colors. Choose from Bone, Bunker, Chrome, Thicccle Rick and Yellow/White. We always try to have fun so Thicccle Rick was inspired by our favorite cartoon pickle. It's a really great color! 

Models: DM-AS-7


Color - Bunker

Length - 7"

Weight (oz) - 3.7

Type - Spook

Hook Size - 3/0